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U-Pick Tips & Etiquette
Blueberry Facts
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    U-Pick Tips

  1. Bring plenty of water & snacks.  (Beverages & snacks may or may not be available for sale.)
  2. Wear plenty of sunscreen.
  3. Wear a shade hat or bandana.
  4. A misting bottle will assist in lowering body temperature.
  5. Wear close-toed shoes to protect your feet from ants or sticky plants.
  6. Bring an adjustable strap from a duffle bag to strap the bucket around your waist.  (This leaves your hands free to pick more berries.)
  7. The white sign-like items throughout the field are insect catchers.  You may not want to pick directly under these.
  8. Feel free to bring a packed lunch.  A picnic area will be available.
  9. Select plump berries that are a dark purple-blue color.  Berries will only ripen a bit after picking.
  10. Berries grow in bunches like grapes.  Hold a bunch in one hand while gently rubbing the ripe berries with your other hand.  Ripe berries will fall into your hands while leaving the others for ripening.
  11. Bring your family, tell your friends and have a great
U-Pick Etiquette
  1. Make sure to check with the farmer, confirm the times, dates and prices before entering the property.
  2. Most U-pick farms post a per pound or per bucket rate which could change annually.  If in doubt, ask before you pick.
  3. Wash your hands before picking!
  4. Stay on the trails. Do not walk over or stand on the plant root mounds as this will hurt the growth of the blueberries.
  5. Never pick green berries, they still need time to ripen.
  6. We encourage sampling, but please understand that eating in excess does eat into our profits!
  7. We know food fighting is fun, but the berry farm is not the place.
  8. Since this is a family environment, please wear proper attire.